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The Fort Friend is a “friend” to not only your child(ren) who will use it to build endless and fantastic forts --lean-tos, enclosures of sheets, blankets or quilts-- indoors and outdoors. The Fort Friend is YOUR friend as well: No more unwieldy, teetering piles of heavy books just “waiting” to fall on the floor (or your kid’s head!). No more wrecked books or crumpled piles of magazines or hours spent putting books back from whence they came.

Fort Friend is your “friend” as well when it is time to choose a few “back-to-basic” toys to pack for the family vacation or to offer up during a young one’s birthday party and you need a simple yet engaging activity to please the gang. And Fort Friend has so many other uses as well: play a game of indoor bowling with Fort Friend “bowling balls” and recycled plastic or cardboard juice or milk containers as the “pins.” Let the kids play “toss” to develop coordination and just for good, safe, old fashioned fun!

Finally, the Fort Friend is everyone’s “friend,” because it is made from aesthetically pleasing --yet practical-- fabrics, and better still, is made using recycled materials right here in the USA. And what if the kids accidentally leave their fort out on the lawn or deck in the rain? Don’t despair: the Fort Friend can get wet (it will dry!) and its “inner” beads are recycled plastic and so will not “grow,” get moldy, or otherwise go “bad” as traditional “bean” bags would.

So, engage your child’s imagination today, and tomorrow, and for years to come.
Recommended ages 3 to 93.